One of these days I’m going to write a book – but until that happens, you’ll just have to make do with this.

I’m an infrequent writer, but I do enjoy it when I can find something to say. Over the years I have scribbled things down in notebooks which I have subsequently gone on to lose. Certain things have remained in one form or another though and so it is about time I tried to collect them together. They range from my naive attempts at poetry, (very) short prose, dream recollections, humorous verse and the things that occasionally spill from my mouth unconsciously when someone puts me on the spot… for instance

“In our inner worlds we are all outsiders”

– at the time (participating in a workshop on Mindell’s process work a few months ago) it seemed quite interesting to me.. at the moment it seems unimportant. Let’s see what it looks like when I come back to it in due course.

I should say that I will endeavour not to delete anything once I have committed it to this site, as is my usual wont.

OK – let’s go


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