Advanced Soul

August 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

I’m  currently  re-reading, or rather listening, to the monumental novel ‘Underworld’ by Don DeLillo. A magnificent piece of writing, having waste and our relationship to it as one of its strong underlying themes. Mr Delillo has the gift of being able to write about a landfill site and make the hairs on your body stand on end with the sheer beauty and lyricism of his prose. That’s how it affects me anyway. I don’t want to write any more about that – read it for yourself, it may do nothing for you.

What I do want to bring to your attention is this – an image that presented itself to me this morning as I pulled up at the lights in Bangbuathong.


What??? Is that a man in there? – sitting in the crushing jaws of a rubbish truck? It can’t be.

It was,… but no ordinary man…not to me.


Take a closer look.


He is not just sitting there at all. I obviously don’t  know anything about him and don’t presume anything either. I sat behind him for about 4 minutes, observing him in my air conditioned car, behind my darkly tinted windscreen, waiting for the lights. He transfixed me.
He sat there like a rock star in a mincing machine, amongst someone else’s rotting waste, in the tropical heat, and dragging on his cigarette in quiet contemplation.
I would just like to ask you (and no need to answer) – When was the last time you were comparably so at peace with your world?  When were you last this cool?


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