Sample content – Tai Chi Reflections

June 17, 2015 § 2 Comments

I’ve been a published artist for many years and I’m used to that (and of course grateful to have all those opportunities), but becoming a published author is a little scary for some reason.

Strangers reading my words and thoughts are not so much of a problem, even though I’m sure there will be people who will think it all nonsense – never mind, I think I can cope with that. I’m not making any great claims of my knowledge or expertise at all and in this work am actively encouraging people to seek out their own Tai Chi Tutors to learn the art seriously.

No – what worries me a little is the people who know me – friends and family – being able to read my thoughts, who might perhaps be surprised at what actually goes through my head.

It is only a small start for having my words published but quite a big step for me. I feel I should be taking myself more seriously for some reason. That is quite hard when I very easily see the absurdities of life.

What I would like, if anybody is reading, is to contact Tai Chi tutors and to welcome them to join my directory and add their weblinks. The cards will shortly be getting a lot of attention and I’d love to be able to offer people access to good training.

The directory page is here
Sample content – Tai Chi Reflections.


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