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March 27, 2015 § Leave a comment

I am very happy to announce that with the publication of  – Tai Chi Reflections – coming up in august, I will be a fully published author as well as being a long standing, seasoned, published illustrator, thanks to Findhorn Press.

Tai Chi Reflections is a set of 48 self-empowerment cards based around the body language of the tai chi form. I would like, in due course, to tell you all about this project and to introduce you to the great team I assembled for Tai Chi Reflections and also to introduce you to their work.

Tai Chi Reflections

Tai Chi Reflections

With a view to better integrating my web presence, I am currently looking to shift all my personal home website  to WordPress and then to integrate ‘Still Glides the Stream’, and my other occasional blog ‘An Englishman in Bangkok’ all into one more user friendly site.

I suppose I should be a little more serious about my writing from now on….. and I am of course a very serious man…. but anyone who knows me would surely be a little disappointed if I were to curb the quirkier aspects of my view of the world. Don’t worry – I’m sure that won’t happen.

Thanks for listening,


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