May 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

‘Contemplating your navel’ – it seems to me that that’s seen as a pretty much negative phrase, implying a mindless and meaningless self absorption. I was contemplating mine this morning and I invite you to do the same. Go on, stick your finger in it. You can probably get away with doing it wherever you are – on a bus, in a business meeting, painting the Forth bridge etc. Whatever you are doing you can probably surreptitiously find it and touch it.
We rarely think about it, but it’s the biggest most powerful symbol of our independence in the world, created in the moment we left the mothership and floated out into vast dark empty space to start to be whatever we were and are going to be, carrying all the hopes and dreams of our antecedents with us. What a wonderful thing it is.

Oh and while you’re in there, get that little but of fluff out of it.


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