Another incident in the life of Muesli Slush

February 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

Stability, we all need stability, and what better way to practise than on the skytrain. Bending his knees slightly, Muesli assumed the ‘horse stance’ as the doors slid shut and the bts slid out of Siam Paragon. Pelvis thust forward, shoulders back and down. Muesli checked his posture in the hurtling reflection – yes that back was straight as a die. He couldn’t prevent the smug smile escape from his face muscles – he was rock solid as the train went into the curve at Ratchaprarop intersection. Muesli was rooted – his body a temple… down his spine, through his pelvis and into the femurs, tibia, fibia and phalanges – through the lightweight 8mm flip flops and onward through the carriage floor into the chassis. He could sense the high tensile bolts that held the track, the 50ft of reinforced concrete tower and way down beyond the deep foundations to the soft primordial clay soup that was the bedrock of the city. Could he make it to SalaDaeng without even one touch to the handrail? He looked around the packed carriage of softly boiled flesh that hung limply from the grab rails and flowed down the canary yellow seating onto the floor of the train. Human spaghetti. Not him.
He would have managed it this time for sure, the train was almost in the station but he foolishly made a move to adjust his rucksack and lost it…. If he hadn’t reached out for the rail, although he knew it meant failure, he would have banged his head on the partition glass or fallen backwards into an ample cleavage. Damn damn damn, that had ruined his morning.


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