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Follow the Rue Droite up from the Palais des Archeveques to Place Bistan. Take the right fork, weave your way through the Rue de l’Ancienne Porte de Beziers and you will find yourself at a small public garden ringed with iron railings. It is on no particular outstanding beauty. On the south side, there are two small children’s play areas flung out against the outer railings. The children whirl and glide and bounce, laughing and screaming with delight, or occasionally pain. The northern side is more reserved – two or three park benches for the elderly, the lonely or the lovers, set among the trees. At the centre is a small common meeting point – a small ornamental bridge that spans a small ornamental lake. There the old and young alike pause to watch the fish beneath them, the pair of swans, the ducks and the smaller, quicker birds weaving in and out robbing the others of crumbs. Unfortunately the pond is fenced off to protect either the birds or the people – I’m not sure which, as are the childrens play areas. Perhaps the elderly, the lonely and the lovers are considered to be harmless. There are, of course, exceptions to all three territorial arrangements, but in general, I’m sure that you’ll find them very much where they should be. I’m also sure that if you observe, and you wouldn’t have to wait long, you would see that everyone; the old, the young, the lovers, the lonely, the old tramp, the mothers and, of course, eventually you, yourself, will cross the bridge, stand stare and wonder. What must it be like to have a neck that long? What must it be like to live under water? What must it be like to fly?

Narbonne circa 1990



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