Wings of a Butterfly

May 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Wings of a Butterfly

hatched in secret silence and the feeding dark
unconscious dormant days deep within the shadows
that kissed me, caressed me, entombed me
chrysalised, crystallised, held for an age in oblivion

but the sunlight had to be born
had to split the smothered shell
had to reveal the wings of a butterfly
mirror images of laughing colour
drifting on the winds
tossed with the fragile rain
hurled in ecstatic paper poetry

now the summer has flown
are we pinned coldly
behind the glass with our memory
or do we die to be reborn
with the sweet taste of passion
and the triumphant power of love
that lies in the fluttering sunshine

When asked to consider the topic of ‘cocoon’ for the Butterfly Journal, my immediate thought drifted back to these few lines I wrote as a young man at the age of about 19. I managed to find them copied into one of my half empty notebooks. Since then I have woven many cocoons, split many shells and fluttered in the sunshine – it is a never ending cycle of death and rebirth. Knowing this, when days are dark and no life or movement is apparent, I trust to this cycle – that the light cannot be kept out, the shell cannot hold and also in the light days that the sun also must set.
In my daily life as a freelance artist – which can be a precarious profession, this is also true… there are times when it seems no inspiration will come, like a dark and barren blanket has settled over my creativity and I cannot produce. It can be a scary time – but in the first line of my adolescent poem, I see the key to unlock the cocoon… it is ‘the feeding dark’ – not a time of output – a time of input. The creative imagination also needs its food and so in these barren days, I feed – I walk in the landscape, I listen to a lot of music, I read and seek out good creative sustenance from any source I can. This is not so much a conscious gathering of ideas as such, just a general replenishing of I suppose my spirit. For me, a lot of this good food comes from other peoples creative output, and so I know in my turn I must feed others as part of the bargain… try to keep the onward collective imagination flowing in order that I may also be sustained in my darker days. I have faith in the power of the imagination – it cannot be suppressed .
This understanding also therefore gives me my reason, motivation and I would say my duty to create.



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